Use Any Variety Cavit Bottle for this Project

Twine Wrapped Wine Bottle Vases


1 ball of waxed twine
Glue gun
Empty wine bottle(s)
Decorative extras (plastic flowers, sea shells, etc.)


  1. Tie the twine tightly at the mouth of the bottle.
  2. Neatly begin wrapping twine around the bottle as evenly as possible, until the twine reaches the bottom of the bottle. Be sure to wrap the twine as tightly together as you possibly can or else it will come loose or overlap one another.
  3. Once you reach the bottom of the bottle, tie another knot, trimming the loose ends with scissors if there is any excess.
  4. When everything is wrapped, you can leave your creation as is, or use glue to attach any extra embellishments you’d like!