Sweet Red

A lusciously sweet red wine with pronounced cherry and raspberry notes. 

A proprietary blend of Merlot and Enantio grape.

Pairs well with red meat dishes and is excellent with spicy foods, along with grilled meats and vegetables. Enjoy chilled.


VINEYARDS: Cultivated in vineyards in Vallagrina and Venetos.

WINEMAKING: As the various varieties ripen at different times, they are harvested and vinified separately, with great emphasis being placed on selection of the bunches before crushing.  Alcoholic fermentation is carried out in contact with the skins at a temperature of no higher than 26 °C, with a part of the berries being fermented whole to preserve and enhance their fruity aromas. A part of the must is stored chilled to prevent it from undergoing alcoholic fermentation and is then added to the blend to increase the sugar content.

ALCOHOL: 10.5%

SIZES: Available in 750ml and 1.5L

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