Use Any Variety Cavit Bottle for this Project



Wine corks (quantity depends on the size or sizes you would like to create)
Cardboard or foam core
Craft knife
Pen or pencil
Glue gun
Gold or brown marker


  1. Collect a lot of wine corks and separate them by color. The more corks you have, the bigger your final piece of art can be!
  2. Decide what you want the shape of your art to be. Wine glasses or bottles, monograms and hearts are all excellent options.
  3. Once you’ve decided on your shape, sketch it out onto the cardboard or foam core using a writing utensil.
  4. Using the craft knife, carefully cut the cardboard or foam into the shape you like.
  5. Then with the glue gun, gently adhere the corks to the shape you created. Creating a gradient with the corks is one creative way to use their color, but it’s your art piece, so organize them any way you see fit!
  6. After all of the corks have been securely glued down, use twine and glue to wrap around the piece to create a contour.
  7. If there are any white spaces showing between the corks or along the edges of your piece, use your gold or brown marker to fill them in.
  8. Flip your piece over and use the scissors to create a small hole in the top center of the cardboard for the hanging string.
  9. Work twine through the hole and add glue to give the string more security.
  10. Glue down an extra piece of cardboard or foam core over the string to secure it even further.
  11. When all the glue is dry, your work of art is ready to be hung!